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Microfiber Filter

Microfiber Filter

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*Microfiber solutions not included in our summer sale

Every time we wash clothing made of synthetic materials (polyester, nylon, acrylic, etc.) hundreds of thousands of microplastic fibers are released by our washing machines into waterways. Scientists estimate that 35% of the microplastic pollution in our oceans come from textiles. These microplastics make their way into our food chains and drinking water.

Currently, most washing machines do not have built-in microfiber filters. France has adopted a law that will require all new washing machines to have microfiber filters by 2025, but here in the US, there are no state or federal regulations that specifically address the issue of microfiber pollution from laundry.

You can install PlanetCare's 1.0 filter to your home washer to help reduce microfiber pollution. The external filter captures a wide range of fiber sizes, from under 20 microns to 5 mm.

Celsious is a U.S. stockist of PlanetCare 1.0 Starter Kits, which are compatible with HE and standard washing machines (front or top loaders), and come with:

  • 1 cartridge housing
  • 3 filter cartridges (will last 60 loads)
  • 1 holder
  • 4 screws
  • 1 hose
  • 1 drain hose adapter (please select the appropriate size when ordering)
  • 1 packet of silicone lubricant
  • 1 counter wheel (to keep track of washes)

*Please note: there is no bypass option on the PlanetCare 1.0 filter.

PlanetCare 1.0 users in the U.S. may return their used cartridges to Celsious in NYC. We'll forward to PlanetCare in bulk for refurbishment by their team and eventual reuse.

Find PlanetCare 1.0 refill cartridges here.


• Plastic (>90%)
• Textile (filtering medium)


• Filter housing: 12.8" long, 4.8" across the top
• Cap diameter: 4"
• Hose: 58"


  • Watch these helpful installation guides: #1 and #2
  • Place the filter housing on the outside of your washing machine (or on a nearby wall) and hook it up to your washing machine's drain hose (make sure the placement of the filter is not higher than the drain). 
  • Put a clean cartridge into the housing.
  • Do laundry as usual (optional: use the counter to keep track of the # of washes)
  • After 20 washes, or when the cartridge is full, replace with a clean cartridge.
  • Allow the used cartridge to fully dry and then store temporarily—we'll make it easy for you to send us your used cartridges in bulk.
  • Once we've collected enough used cartridges, we'll send them to PlanetCare. Their team will recycle the microfibers and refurbish the cartridges for reuse.

Pro Tips

Don't forget to measure your drain hose and select the appropriate adapter size from the menu above! Most washers sold in North America have a 0.9 inch hose diameter, but some are also 1.1 or 1.3 inches wide.

Try washing clothes less often, with cold water and on shorter cycles to reduce microfiber shedding. If you wash a lot of cotton and/or have pets that shed a lot, you might find your cartridges need to get replaced before the 20th wash.

To learn more about PlanetCare, read our Q&A with their CEO here.

If you do laundry in a laundromat or shared laundry space, consider using an in-drum microfiber catching device like the Cora Ball or Guppyfriend to help reduce microfiber pollution.

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