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Microfiber Filter Refill Cartridges

Microfiber Filter Refill Cartridges

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Thank you for using the PlanetCare microfiber filter with your washer! The filter captures a wide range of fiber sizes—from under 20 microns to 5 mm—and reduces the amount of microfiber pollution entering our waterways from laundry.

This 12-pack of refill cartridges will last ~240 loads. The cartridges are compatible with the housing from PlanetCare's Mini Starter Kit and XL Starter Kit.

When you purchase a refill pack from Celsious, you'll be eligible to return used cartridges to us in New York. Complimentary return labels will be generated through the original order upon request.


• Plastic outershell
• Textile (filtering medium)


• Cartridge length: 10"
• Diameter: 2.75"


  • After 20 washes, or when a cartridge is full, replace it with a clean cartridge. Watch this helpful guide from PlanetCare.
  • Allow used cartridge to fully dry.
  • Place the used, dry cartridge in a box (if possible, save the box your 12-pack was sent in). Once you've collected 12, seal the box and drop us a note via email/chat box. A team member will be in touch shortly with your shipping label.

Pro Tips

Try washing clothes less often, with cold water and on shorter cycles to reduce microfiber shedding. If you wash a lot of cotton and/or have pets that shed a lot, you might find your cartridges need to get replaced before the 20th wash.

To learn more about PlanetCare, read our Q&A with their CEO here.


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