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Drop off laundry with us or recreate the experience at home by shopping our garment care selection online! Drop off laundry with us or recreate the experience at home by shopping our garment care selection online!

Celsious is a beautiful and energy efficient laundromat in NYC. The flagship location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, features a hygienic and inviting space equipped with top-of-the-line washers and dryers. Every cycle includes a complimentary dose of eco-friendly unscented laundry powder. Shop our garment care online!

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laundry is essential

laundry is essential

Self-service laundry at our Williamsburg laundromat is currently suspended in support of social distancing, but we are here 6 days/week to serve you! We have our signature Wash-Dry-Fold available, along with a new drop-off service called Wash-Dry-Bag (no folding). You can drop off and pick up throughout the day.

Visit us Tuesday through Friday (11AM - 7PM) or Monday & Saturday (8AM - 4PM)

laundry services

laundry services

$2.25/lb (next-day)
$3.25/lb (same-day)

Small (1-14 lbs): starts at $11
Med (15-25 lbs): starts at $15
XL (for bulky loads): starts at $25

Drop off before 3PM (Tues-Fri) or before 12PM (Mon & Sat) for same-day service. Drop-offs made after the cutoff time will be ready the next day.



Super clean add-ons for Wash & Bag (already included with Wash & Fold service):

Extra rinse $0.25
Heavy soiled $0.25
Liquid lavender $1
Oxygen brightener $2
Vinegar rinse $1
Dryer ball rental $1/3

how to drop off

how to drop off

1) Sort laundry at home
2) Un-bunch socks & undies
3) Empty all pockets
4) Use closed washable bags
5) Leave detergent at home
6) Wait to be waved in
7) Weigh bags once inside
8) Leave wash & contact info
9) Tap or insert card to pay
10) Wait for text/email

Tap here for details

Tap here for FAQ

priority booking

priority booking

We offer online priority booking for the immunocompromised, the 65+ age group, those on the front lines or in essential services, and families with small children. By booking ahead, you can choose drop-off and collection times that are safer and/or work with a demanding schedule.

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laundry love

laundry love

The Laundry Love fund, for neighbors in need, exists thanks to generous donations from the Celsious community. To donate, send $11 (the price of a small Wash-Dry-Bag) or an amount of your choice via Venmo to @Celsious-Laundry with the description "Laundry Love." You can also nominate individuals and organizations to be recipients of the fund.

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