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White J-2000M steamer by Jiffy in a boutique dressing room

New colorway

Jiffy J-2000M now in white

Our favorite upright steamer now comes in cloud white! The J-2000M steamer has a metal steam head and holds enough water for 1.5 hours of continuous steam, making it perfect for at-home or light commercial use. Jiffy steamers are made in the USA and come with a three year warranty.

A white washing machine installed with the PlanetCare microfiber filter on the side

Ways to reduce

Microplastic shedding

Installing an external filter can reduce the amount of microplastic fibers that enter the environment as a result of washing synthetic fabrics like polyester, nylon and fleece. If you wash in a shared laundry space (like a laundromat), consider using an in-drum device to address microfiber shedding.


Optimal shut eye

Sheet care 101

We spend about a third of our day in between sheets. For a cozy sleep, you should choose laundry products that won't hinder fiber breathability and avoid using chlorine bleach. Visit our blog post where we answer your sheet care FAQ.


Our go-to

The best wool set

There are a lot of dryer ball options out there, but none as durable as Woolzies, which we sell in a package-free set of three. Add a set to your cart and get an automatic $2 OFF any laundry essential oil set.

  • 1. Shed some layers

    It feels good to shed heavy outerwear and rock light jackets again. In between washes, spray your spring jackets with linen spray or freshen them up with a steamer.

  • 2. Wash bedding that's headed for storage

    If you're switching out your duvet insert, comforter or blankets for something lighter, give them a good wash before putting them away for the season.

  • 3. Inspect your winter clothes

    Check sweaters, socks and accessories for holes, loose buttons and pilling. Spruce them up before putting them in storage. Future you will thank you!

  • 4. Learn a new skill

    April showers bring May flowers (or so they say)! Stuck inside on a cold, wet day? Why not learn how to fold a fitted sheet from us on YouTube?

    Find the rest of our checklist here!

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