Corinna and Theresa Williams stylishly dressed in front of the dryers at their Brooklyn laundromat

A cleaner clean

Celsious is a premium sustainable garment care provider founded by sisters Corinna and Theresa Williams. The Williams' professional expertise in fashion and design, their love of the environment and their obsession with all things clean compelled them to open Brooklyn's most exciting eco-friendly laundromat in 2017.

Soon after, they launched a line of 100% biodegradable laundry products formulated free of dyes, bleaches and preservatives. Due to popular demand, their Essential Laundry Trio—an integral part of the Celsious wash experience in Brooklyn—is now available to customers nationwide.

At Celsious, we're committed to “a cleaner clean," meaning laundry that looks and feels better than ever, achieved without the use of harmful ingredients.

We've made it easy to kickstart a sustainable laundry routine with our Essential Laundry Trio and a growing selection of garment care products from like-minded brands. Everything has been carefully curated by Corinna, Theresa and the Celsious team.

Tap 'Shop' in the menu to browse the entire collection or select 'Wash in NYC' for info on our laundry services covering the five boroughs. Thank you for stopping by and feel free to email us with any questions!

Two white cans of Celsious laundry powder and oxygen brightener with blue and seafoam green labels, one stain stick pouch with a yellow label that looks like it's flying behind the cans

Stock up on laundry essentials

Tackle odor, stains and static with sustainable hacks like vegetable soap, oxygen brightener, wool dryer balls and natural essential oils! Enjoy free U.S. shipping on $50+ orders.

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