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Microfiber Laundry Bag

Microfiber Laundry Bag

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*Microfiber solutions not included in our summer sale

When we machine wash clothes made of synthetic materials like nylon and polyester, our laundry sheds microplastic fibers. You can use an in-drum solution like the GUPPYFRIEND washing bag to reduce microfiber shedding from laundry and prevent microplastics from entering our waterways.

The bag was tested over a period of three years by representatives of the outdoor and textile industry, retailers, universities, and the following scientific and independent institutes:

  • German Textile Research Center North-West, DTNW
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental Safety and Energy Technology (UMSICHT)
  • UC Santa Barbara as part of the Patagonia research program

The results:

  1. The GUPPYFRIEND bag drastically reduced the number of fibers that broke off in the wash. Tests by the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT showed on average 79% with partly synthetic clothes and 86% with completely synthetic clothing.
  2. The plastic fibers that did break off in the wash were retained in the bag by over 90% in all tests, and thus did not pollute wastewater.


100% polyester (untreated, no dyes or additives). Fully recyclable. The bag itself does not shed microfibers because it is made of monofilaments (one endless thread that is more like a stable stick in structure rather than many loose threads).


Approximately 19.7" x 21.1"


  • Place clothing made of synthetic materials, like activewear or swimwear, inside the GUPPYFRIEND bag (works best when not too full).
  • Pull the zipper to shut the bag. Add the bag to the rest of your load and run the washer.
  • Remove clothing to dry (do not put the GUPPYFRIEND bag inside the dryer).
  • After numerous washes, your bag might start to discolor due to captured microfibers. You may also see clumps of microfibers accumulate in the upper corners. Remove the clumps and dispose in the trash.

Pro Tips

It's possible that you may not see any obvious accumulation. If that's the case, don't worry! Many factors play a part, like the combination of materials in each load or even your washer model. Not to mention, microfibers are smaller than the eyes can see. The bag still works to prevent shedding from happening, even if you can't see it with the naked eye.

Use the Guppyfriend Washing Bag along with the Cora Ball as an individual-level solution for reducing microfiber and microplastic shedding.

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