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Lint Lifter

Lint Lifter

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Say hello to your new "forever" lint tool and goodbye to traditional lint rollers that require sticky sheets! Those sheets not only run out quickly but also leave residue, making your clothes a magnet for more of the stuff you don’t want.

In lieu of refill sheets, this lint remover boasts a polyester weave of tiny tilted bristles that lift pet hair, dust, dandruff and more from clothes and furniture. It's gentle and works well on all kinds of fabrics.

On top of that, the device is practically self-cleaning! Twist the handle 2-3 times to rid the bristles of captured debris. Lightly push down on the top to pop open the compartment and empty it in the trash.

We love this practical and stylish little device from Steamery. Keep one near your front door so that you remember to spruce up on your way out, or keep one at the office to stay tidy at work.


• Polyester weave
• ABS plastic


7" x 1.5"


  • Move against the direction of the tilted bristles to lift and capture lint, pet hair, dandruff and other small surface debris.
  • Do not try to roll the device across the surface (as you would with a traditional sticky lint roller). That will move the debris from one area to another. Use short brush strokes to lift the debris off of the surface.
  • Twist the handle 2–3 times to deposit the debris inside the device.
  • Empty the container with a light push on the lid.
  • Twist shut to cover bristles when not in use.

Pro Tips

This tool can be used on all fabrics including delicates, but it's best to test on a less conspicuous patch first.

Don't forget to twist the handle 2-3 times to deposit the captured lint into the inner compartment (and not back onto your clothes!).

The device is seven inches long. If you're looking for something more compact and/or plastic-free, have a look at this handy pocket brush.

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