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Laundry Essential Oil Set

Laundry Essential Oil Set

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Up your drying game by adding essential oil drops to your wool dryer balls! Woolzies' essential oil blends are beautiful, unique, and will leave your laundry smelling wonderful without any synthetic fragrances, parabens or dyes.

Choose the original blends to add light and subtle scent to your clean laundry, or opt for Woolzies' newest blends for complex aromas that will conjure up memories of the great outdoors, the tropics or the coziest bed you've ever snuggled into.

Original Blends (The Laundry Collection)

  • Petal Fresh (rose, sandalwood). The aroma is earthy and woody.
  • Still Breeze (lavender, jasmine). The aroma is sweet and exotic.
  • Citrus Clean (orange, lemongrass). The aroma is lemony and fresh.

Complex Blends (Laundry Essentials)

  • Fresh Laundry (tea tree, peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus, pine, lime, lemon). The aroma is medicinal, herbaceous and fresh.
  • Chamomile Bliss (chamomile, magnolia, basil, eucalyptus, benzoin, geranium, jasmine). The aroma is floral, exotic and enchanting.
  • Pure Linen (lavender, lemon, cedarwood, citronella, vanilla, rosemary, myrtle). The aroma is warm and inviting.


100% natural essential oils


3 x 10 ml bottles


Add a few drops of essential oil to each wool dryer ball before tossing them in the dryer. Apply oil directly from the bottle, no dropper necessary.

Pro Tips

You can use these essential oil blends to make your own linen spray (find our recipe here). These essential oils can also be diffused or used topically.

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