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Yuzu Detergent for Wool & Silk

Yuzu Detergent for Wool & Silk

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This organic and vegan liquid detergent is a great choice for washing materials like wool and silk. We recommend it for hand washing delicate lingerie and cashmere pieces. The detergent is yuzu scented, which is mild and citrusy—somewhere between mandarin orange and ripe grapefruit.

A little product goes a long way! This bottle holds enough for approximately 50 hand washes. If you have a washer with very delicate wash cycles (like a wool cycle), you can also use this to machine wash.

The bottle is bio-plastic (made from sugarcane) and can be recycled once empty.


>30% Aqua, 15-30% Nonionic Surfactant, <1% Anionic Surfactant, <1% Complexing Agent, Perfume (D-Limonene), Phenoxyethanol


17 fl oz (500 ml)


  • Hand washing: Add 1/2 Tbsp to a gallon of water and hand wash with gentle agitation. One bottle is enough for approximately 50 hand washes.
  • Machine washing: Add 1 Tbsp for every 5.5 lbs of laundry. One bottle should be enough for 25 machine loads. Do not machine wash wool or silk unless your washer has specialty cycles for delicate materials.

Pro Tips

If you want your sweaters to look their very best, use this delicate detergent along with a Sweater Stone and Wool Conditioner.


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