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Cellulose Measuring Spoon

Cellulose Measuring Spoon

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Introducing our new spoon to help you measure out your laundry powder in style! One spoonful is equivalent to 1/2 a tablespoon, which is the exact amount of Corewash you need to wash a regular load of laundry.

Our spoons are made from biodegradable cellulose and come in two beautiful colors: Sunset (orange and yellow stripes) and Pearl (ivory with rainbow flecks). These are small batch and each spoon has a pattern that is unique!


Biodegradable cellulose


• Length: 5"
• Bowl Diameter: 1.5"
• Depth: 1.75"


Dose a level spoonful (equivalent to 1/2 tbsp) of Corewash to wash a regular load of laundry. Double the dosage for extra dirty loads.
You may also use this spoon for Supersalt, our oxygen booster. Please follow the dosing instructions on the label and store your spoon outside of the canister.

Pro Tips

If you already have dedicated measuring spoons for Corewash and Supersalt, you can use this beautiful spoon for sugar, salt, ground coffee, protein powder, chia seeds and other food items!

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