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Rachael Z. Miller shares her studies on microplastics with The Explorer's Club in NYC

Happy Women's Month! 💛 Fun fact: many of the garment care brands we carry at Celsious were founded by women! They make the world a cleaner place with their innovative products. Get to know some of them below!

Rachael Z. Miller ➡️ Cora Ball

Rachael (pictured above) works to protect the ocean through expedition-based science. She is a National Geographic Explorer and founder of the Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean. Inspired by coral and the way it filters the ocean, Rachael co-invented the Cora Ball, a laundry ball that reduces the amount of microplastic fibers released from washing machines into the environment.

Paulina Quintana ➡️ ( r e )ˣ

Paulina's experience designing children's apparel put her face-to-face with the fashion industry's waste. That's why she decided to design something ubiquitous—the humble hanger—from traceable ocean-bound plastic.

Learn more about Paulina's journey and her recycled hangers in this blog post!

Jacqueline Sava ➡️ Soak

Jacqueline's wash bags for delicates are made from discarded plastic (100% rPET) and the bags do an amazing job protecting specialty items in the wash. Each wash bag diverts 8+ plastic bottles from landfills and oceans!

Petra Ringström ➡️ Steamery

Petra was working in Shanghai when she met her co-founders, who are as passionate about garment care as she is. Together they brought to life a range of steamers and fabric shavers that use innovative technology and offer a sleek Scandinavian design aesthetic.

Their goal with Steamery is to inspire people to take better care of their clothes and be part of the slow fashion movement.

Kathy Mark ➡️ Woolzies

Long before dryer balls became popular, Kathy was already aware of the toxic ingredients that can be found in dryer sheets. She offered an alternative: natural dryer balls made from premium New Zealand wool. To this day, even with all the other options on the market, Kathy's dryer balls are still the best ones we've ever used.

Vivian Van Vriesland ➡️ Sweater Stone

Vivian’s background in Fashion PR & Marketing helped make her aware of the amount of waste produced by the fashion industry. When met with the opportunity to take over Sweater Stone, a sustainable garment care company, she accepted the challenge.

Vivian’s goal is to encourage people to use tools like the sweater stone to care for their knitwear so that fewer clothes end up in landfills due to minor flaws.

Mojca Zupan ➡️ PlanetCare

Formerly a lawyer, Mojca's life changed after visiting an exhibition with her children about ocean pollution. She founded PlanetCare to provide an easy way for households to send fewer microplastic fibers into the ocean when they do laundry. PlanetCare's external filter has been rising in popularity around the world as more people have become aware of the microplastics problem.

Learn more about Mojca and PlanetCare in this blog post!

Words and photo by Mutia Adisoma

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