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Cora Ball

Microfiber Laundry Ball

Microfiber Laundry Ball

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*Microfiber solutions not included in our summer sale

Inspired by the way coral filters the ocean, National Geographic Explorer Rachael Z. Miller invented the Cora Ball, a device that not only reduces the amount of microfibers shed by clothing but also catches what is shed during the laundering process.

Peer reviewed studies have shown the Cora Ball to be effective at reducing up to 31% of microfibers that would otherwise flow out of washing machines.

The laundry ball is 100% manufactured and assembled in the USA. Even with regular use, the Cora Ball will last for many years. Make a positive impact by using the Cora Ball to reduce microfiber pollution in our oceans!


100% recyclable synthetic rubber


Diameter: 4"


  • Toss the Cora Ball into the drum with each laundry load (one ball will do per washer). It's compatible with top loaders and front loaders.
  • Include the ball when washing natural fibers as well as synthetic fibers (used to make fleece, outdoor gear, sportswear, swimwear, and more).
  • Microfibers can accumulate on your ball and tangle with hair and larger fibers. Grab any visible fuzz balls with your fingers and dispose in the trash.

Pro Tips

Please take note of what's in your load before using the Cora Ball. Beware of loose knits, straps or ties that could get tangled in the ball.

If you're not seeing anything in the stalks, don't worry! Microfibers are incredibly small and not visible to the naked eye until they start to accumulate (we posted a photo of microfibers next to a grain of rice, for reference). The ball works to reduce shedding from happening in the first place, so if there isn't much accumulating, it's doing its job.

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