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Laundry tips for the college-bound

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Laundry tips for the college-bound

Back-to-school season is upon us, so we compiled some tips for doing laundry on campus! Whether you're doing laundry for the first time or you're comfortable with the process but have never used a communal laundry space before, we hope you find these tips useful.

Here are 10 things to know¬†about¬†doing laundry on a college campus ūüßļūüí¶¬†

  1. Commercial¬†washers and dryers are not the same as¬†household appliances. On one hand, they're bigger, so you can fit more into¬†each load. On the other hand, the "normal" wash cycle¬†might be more vigorous than what you're used to and the dryers might¬†run a little hotter. Choose your settings wisely!¬†‚ėĚūüŹĺ

  2. Sorting is key to longevity.¬†Having commercial laundry machines at your disposal doesn't mean you should throw everything into one load‚ÄĒthat will lead to color transfer, shrinkage and fabric tears. Sort and wash loads by color (darks¬†and lights), by material (cotton, denim, synthetics, etc.) and by care label (cold or warm wash, tumble or line dry, etc.)¬†to¬†keep your clothes in¬†great shape.

  3. Don't overdose your detergent. Using¬†extra detergent will not make¬†things¬†cleaner. ūüôÖūüŹĺ‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ Excess detergent actually leads to product buildup, which traps odor-causing bacteria in fabric. Overdosing¬†can¬†also be tough on washers. If they're routinely out of commission for maintenance, you'll¬†be forced¬†to lug your laundry to a room that's further away.

    A college student (young man) wearing a baseball cap and doing laundry

  4. Keep your eyes peeled for stray objects.¬†Small clothing items, wads of tissue, gum, pens, lip balm and even safety¬†pins get left behind in washers and dryers. Take a good look inside the drum before putting anything in. ūüĎÄ Remove those sneaky¬†items that¬†might ruin your¬†stuff.

  5. Sniff out your options.¬†This might sound silly, but we suggest sticking your¬†nose¬†inside the drum and¬†giving it a good¬†sniff before putting your¬†laundry in, too!¬†ūüĎÉūüŹĺ If it smells overly fragrant, smells of¬†chlorine¬†bleach or smells just plain gross, choose a different machine. Better safe than sorry!

  6. White vinegar is your friend, especially if you play college sports, work out regularly¬†or are on a budget. It flushes out¬†odors and softens laundry,¬†plus a little bit goes a long way. You'll have no need for fabric softener, which contains synthetic fragrances made from harmful ingredients. Distilled white vinegar, reusable dryer balls and essential oil are much better alternatives.¬†ūüíĮ

  7. Beware of high-touch surfaces. In shared laundry facilities, door handles, buttons, knobs, carts, tables and other surfaces are constantly being touched by people going in and out of the room. Wash your hands often or sanitize if you can't wash them.

    A young woman in athleisure opens the door to a commercial dryer in a laundry space

  8. Be courteous to your neighbors.¬†Set a timer so that you can remove¬†loads immediately.¬†Inspect drums after unloading and clean out dryer lint traps when you're done. Try not to hog the machines and folding tables during peak laundry hours. And don't forget to clean up after yourself! Even if there's janitorial staff, you should always do your part to keep shared spaces tidy.¬†ūüíĀūüŹĺ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ

  9. Be a good roommate. Keep your dirty laundry under control‚ÄĒthat means not letting it pile up and stink up your dorm room!¬†Sort¬†and¬†fold while your roommate is¬†in class so that you're not taking up too much shared space, and give a heads-up before¬†setting up a drying rack in a cramped room. You can even offer to wash shared items like washable doormats or fabric decorations.

  10. Laundry requires time and effort, but you have to pencil it in regularly! Think of it like a class or a work shift that you have to be at. If you want, you can listen to a podcast or watch an episode of a show while washing or folding. During finals week, you can revisit class notes while doing laundry. Just remember that if you don't do your laundry, nobody else will!

Now that you know what to expect, here are some things you can bring to keep your laundry life in check on campus:

‚úÖ Bring clothes that are easy to care for
Ideally, these pieces can be machine washed and dried without much hassle. You can bring delicate items too, but know that they'll be more challenging to hand wash and air dry in shared spaces.

‚úÖ Bring a laundry bag
Hampers look nice, but laundry bags can be thrown into the washer with your load, which is more hygienic. Bags make it easy to transport things to the laundry room (wear the strap or throw the bag over your shoulder like Santa) and can be stashed away in a closet or hung on the back of a door.

‚úÖ Bring laundry powder
Laundry powder is more economical for students on a budget, and dosing powder is straightforward and easy with a scoop. Plus, you'll never find liquid goop leaking in your closet!

Hand scooping out Corewash laundry powder with mini ceramic scoop

‚úÖ Bring dryer balls
Dryer balls cut down drying time, soften loads and reduce static cling. Not to mention, they're reusable and will last you all throughout college!

‚úÖ Bring hangers
You might get dresser drawers if you're lucky, but more often than not, dorms provide the bare minimum when it comes to storage space. Keep your clean clothes organized with hangers. You can hang 2-3 items on one hanger if necessary, and even build entire outfits on strong hangers!

‚úÖ Bring something to keep your laundry supplies organized
You already have a shower caddy to carry bath supplies to and from the bathroom. Why not have a designated bag or container for laundry supplies so that you can easily grab and go?

‚úÖ Bring a collapsible drying rack
It might be wise to first check that you have enough space in your dorm room to set up a drying rack. If you do, choose a collapsible one so that you can store it under your bed when not in use.

‚úÖ Bring a steamer
This last item is entirely optional, but a steamer will come in handy if you want to quickly get wrinkles out of your clothes before doing a presentation or heading to an internship in an office setting.

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Laundry kit by Celsious on orange stairs, includes Corewash laundry powder, two packs of ocean plastic hangers, wool dryer balls, hand sanitizer and a Celsious cotton tote to carry it all.

Best of¬†luck to all the freshmen, their parents and guardians¬†preparing for (laundry) life after high school.¬†Happy washing!¬†ūüĎēūüí¶¬†

P.S. Almost all the tips listed above can be applied to¬†any¬†shared laundry space, be it a laundromat¬†or an apartment building's¬†shared facilities. Go ahead and take advantage of the sale, even if you're not a student! The kit has all the basics you need to do laundry sustainably.¬†ūüėČ

Product photos by Gerald Riedler and Chiori Takamatsu-Schettini
All other photos by Francesca Rao