Time for your quarterly duvet wash!

Two women smile as they handle a white duvet and pillow

Did you know that a six-month unwashed duvet can contain up to 20,000 live dust mites, dead skin cells and fungus? It's important to wash your duvet inserts, comforters and pillows (at least) every three months. The easiest way to remember to do this? Wash with the changing of the seasons!

Here are a handful of ways you can maximize your quarterly duvet wash:

1️⃣ Wash what comes out *and* what goes into storage

If you're switching to a warmer duvet for the cold months ahead, wash whatever comes out of storage before putting it on your bed. The same goes for your lighter duvet—it should be clean and thoroughly dry before it goes into storage for the winter.

2️⃣ Use an XL washing machine

Consider visiting a laundromat to wash bulky bedding, especially if you have more than one duvet to wash. Commercial washers are larger and give bulky items more room to get clean. They often have specialty settings that preserve down filling too.

3️⃣ Add oxygen booster

You can add a Tbsp of Supersalt to the washer with your detergent to keep white duvets bright and prevent them from graying or yellowing overtime.

4️⃣ Add white vinegar

Adding 1/2 a cup of distilled white vinegar to the rinse cycle works wonders for duvets that have seen a lot of sweat!

5️⃣ Dry with wool dryer balls

Throw a few wool balls in the dryer to reduce dry time and help fluff duvets back up. Optional: Add a few drops of essential oil to each ball for a hint of scent!


Stay on your quarterly duvet wash schedule for a healthy, clean and cozy sleep. For more tips on bedding care, visit our other blog posts. You can learn how to care for your sheets here and learn how to fold a fitted sheet here. 😉

Text by Mutia Adisoma
Photo by Bogdana Ferguson

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