How to look sharp during the festive season

A hand uses a chic lint removing tool on a velvet blazer

The festive season is here, along with holiday gatherings! While we can't help you come up with small talk 😅 what we *can* do is provide you with tips and tools that will keep you looking sharp (without breaking the bank).

It's always good to...

🌟 Spruce up before you step out

Remove pet hair, lint and other surface debris with a good brush or lint remover. Stay away from tape or sticky sheets—they can leave residue! Your investment pieces deserve the best care.

🌟 Make sure your buttons are secure

Pull out your needle and thread to reinforce any loose buttons. Don't look down on the way to a party and notice a button hanging on for dear life or one missing altogether!

🌟 Go from comfy to chic in minutes

Baby, it's cold outside. Stay warm in your favorite cashmere, but first, make sure to clean it up with a de-pilling stone or fabric shaver. People might even ask you if the sweater is new. 😉

A hand uses a dome shaped fabric shaver on a winter sweater

🌟 Be an outfit repeater

You heard us! A great outfit should be worn often. In between wears, you can spray clothes with linen spray or freshen them up with a steamer to rock them twice in a week!

🌟 Get rid of the evidence

Red wine, salad dressing, gravy and other stains can be lifted with the help of a stain spray (for delicates) or an oxygen booster. When using our oxygen booster Supersalt, spot treat the stain or soak the stained garment in warm water with a 1/2 Tbsp of product before washing.

A section of a stained white button down shirt is submerged in a clear glass of water with oxygen booster

Wishing you a bright and beautiful festive season. Have fun, be safe and be merry! ✨✨

Text by Mutia Adisoma
Photos by Team Clean and courtesy of Steamery

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