How to get the most out of your formal attire

A newly wedded couple walks down stairs, their faces partially obscured by balloons

It's wedding season! Are you crisscrossing the country (or globe) this year to toast multiple happy couples? If so, here are some easy ways to maximize your formal attire this wedding season.

🤍 Choose breathable and comfortable materials

Suits made of cotton, linen and seersucker are moisture-wicking, lightweight and perfect for summer heat. Silk dresses look elegant but sweat can show through, so go sleeveless or opt for a loose silhouette. Linen, cotton and chiffon dresses feel good outdoors and on the dance floor!

🤍 Bring the right tools

No matter how well we pack, more often than not we find our clothes with wrinkles or creases. Bring an iron steamer if your hotel doesn't provide one and a lint lifter to spruce up. Consider packing a sewing kit too, which can be a great help in a pinch (like when you spot a loose button at the eleventh hour!).

🤍 Flush stains out with water & use a spray

If wine splashes on you, flush it out of your clothes with water in the restroom—it should come right out! Use the wall-mounted hand dryer or let the wet spot dry on the dance floor. If the stain is still noticeable the next day, use a stain spray before washing (don't rub delicate fibers with a stain stick). To get oil or makeup stains out, read this post.

🤍 Hand wash & air dry delicate fabrics

For washable formal attire, use delicate detergent with lukewarm water and hand wash with light agitation. Gently squeeze water out (no wringing!) and lay the garment flat to dry. Silk ties can be washed this way or machine washed on a gentle setting in a delicates bag.

A hand pours liquid detergent and submerges silk material in a sink

🤍 Be an outfit repeater—it's more than OK!

You'll be spending money on travel, lodging and gifts. Don't let your wardrobe add to your expenses! Mix and match with what you have to create fresh looks and accessorize to your advantage. If buying new, choose materials that are easy to machine wash or hand wash at home so that you can easily rewear pieces. And remember that what matters most is your presence!

Text by Mutia Adisoma
Gif by Team Clean
Photo courtesy of Theresa Williams

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