Closet switchover: spring edition!

Two women walk outside on a sunny spring day

It's that time of year again! We've shed our winter outerwear, the rains have brought forth gorgeous blooms, and we're incorporating cheerful colors into our wardrobes to match our moods. 🌼

Here's a checklist for your seasonal closet switchover:

✔️ Shed some layers

It feels good to shed heavy outerwear and rock light jackets and blazers again, doesn't it? Consider making some DIY linen spray, which you can spray on your light outer layers to keep them fresh in between wears.

✔️ Wash bedding that is headed for storage

If you're switching out your duvet insert, comforter or blankets for something lighter, give them a good wash before putting them away for the season.

✔️ Inspect winter clothes that are headed for storage

Check sweaters, socks and accessories for holes, loose buttons and pilling. Do some quick mending and fabric shaving before washing everything and putting it in storage. Future you will thank you!

✔️ Wash warm weather items before using them

Wash your warm weather clothing and bedding, even if you washed them before putting them away for the winter months. Light clothing tends to wrinkle very easily, so go over pieces quickly with a steamer to look your best.

A hand holds a white Cirrus X steamer up to the sleeve of a wrinkled blue garment

✔️ Show your sneakers some love

Clean your favorite kicks with the care guide that we put together for our friends in sustainability, plant-based running lifestyle brand Zen Running Club. These steps also work for machine washable fabric flats.

✔️ Stock up on stain-fighting essentials

Blasting stains, brightening greying whites or boosting colors can take your well worn pieces from drab to fab. We have everything you need for this in our online shop!

Words by Mutia Adisoma
Photo of Celsious founders by Bogdana Ferguson
Photo of Cirrus X steamer courtesy of Steamery

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