Customize it

Have your laundry done just the way you like it! Our team can also provide recommendations for your specific loads. Choose from the settings below:

  • COLD

  • WARM

  • HOT




  • Unscented Corewash

  • Lavender-Jasmine

  • Corewash is complimentary ($0) with any service! Lavender-Jasmine is optional for those who prefer a scent:

    • Wash-Dry-Fold: +$0.05/lb
    • Wash-Dry-Bag: +$1/load
  • Supersalt (Oxygen Brightener)

  • Vinegar Rinse

  • Extra Rinse

  • Extra Wash

  • Add-ons are entirely optional. Select one or more if you think your load needs it:

    • Wash-Dry-Fold: +$0.05/lb
    • Wash-Dry-Bag: +$2 for Supersalt, all other add-ons are $1/load
  • LOW


  • HIGH

  • Rent a bag

    To prevent unlaundered items from falling out while on site. +$1

  • Buy a plastic bag

    To prevent clean items from falling out and to protect during delivery. +$1

  • Buy a laundry bag

    To reuse with every order. Our drawstring laundry bags fit up to 40 lbs of laundry. +$12