We're mindful of our impact

We're mindful of our impact

You can't just talk the talk—you also have to walk the walk. We do our best to find sustainable solutions for our operations and we're always on the lookout for new ways to reduce our impact!

Here are some of the things we've implemented at Celsious HQ:

🌍 We use professional-grade Electrolux washers and dryers that are resource- and energy-efficient.

🌎 Our 100% biodegradable and PVA-free laundry powder comes in bulk via a closed-loop system with our manufacturer (based in the US).

🌏 We use natural garment care solutions like vegetable soap, white vinegar, wool dryer balls and essential oil to address stains, odor, static and requests for scent.

🌏 We serve pickup & delivery laundry orders by foot, bike and e-bike. Car deliveries are reserved for further distances and on-demand requests.

🌏 We clean surfaces with alcohol, white vinegar and washable rags (no paper towels). We don't use products that contain synthetic fragrances.

🌎 We encourage our customers to use reusable laundry bags and we wash their bag with the respective load. We don't use plastic liners—we're working on fully eliminating single-use plastic from the laundry packing process. Small folded items are packed in compostable bags from Better Packaging Co.

🌏 We use low-impact packaging and shipping materials for product orders, and we carbon offset all shipments. A percentage of the sales of our in-house product line goes to ocean cleanup and research via 1% for the Planet.

...and we're committed to improving every single day! 💪🏾

Here's to always being mindful of our impact, being receptive to new ways of doing things and thinking outside the box. ✨

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Words by Mutia Adisoma
Photo by Catbird at Celsious

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