Laundry experts to the rescue!

Backstage at The Drew Barrymore Show

We're honored to regularly lend our expertise to TV, print and digital media outlets! Read about some of our favorite features from recent years below:

DIY laundry products 〰️ The Drew Barrymore Show

Our co-founders taught Drew Barrymore how to make linen spray and laundry powder in front of a live studio audience! They also shared the secret to cutting out fabric softener from your routine (hint: you might already have the eco-friendly substitute in your pantry). Watch the segment and bookmark our recipes!

Corinna and Theresa Williams with Drew Barrymore

Swapping out dryer sheets for dryer balls 〰️ Daily Beast

Wool dryer balls will give you a faster and more even dry, without the carcinogens. Read this Daily Beast article for more reasons to love wool dryer balls! You can shop the very best—from the brand Woolzies—right on our website. We offer both white and grey, in sets of three.

Removing self-tanner stains 〰️ InStyle

Sunkissed glow? Check. Self-tanner stains? No thanks! Don't despair if you get self-tanner on your clothes or bedding. The trick is to act fast, and follow the tips we shared with InStyle.

Keeping white clothes bright 〰️ Camille Styles

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer! Curious how to keep your white clothes bright without chlorine bleach? Use an oxygen booster for overall brightening or to prevent discoloration from happening in the first place. Here's how.

Crisp white shirts hanging in front of sleek dryers

Caring for linen pants 〰️ Marie Claire

Finding the perfect pair of linen pants can be tricky, but once you've found them, hold on to them for dear life and care for them in the best way possible! We shared our care tips in this article—you'll find them underneath Marie Claire's roundup of the best women's linen pants.

Can't get enough? See more articles where we've lent our laundry expertise here.

Photo on set courtesy of The Drew Barrymore Show
All others by Team Clean

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