Closet switchover: autumn edition!

Two women in chic fall outfits laugh in a bright laundry space

It's that time of year again! The morning air feels crisp, the drinks taste better hot, and we're looking forward to being cozy in chunky sweaters, layering pieces and fuzzy blankets. ☕

Don't forget to freshen up all the items that you're pulling out of storage during this transitional period. Here's a checklist for your seasonal closet switchover:

✔️ Inspect everything that comes out of storage

As you pull out sweaters, fuzzy socks, beanies, light outerwear and scarves, check for holes, loose buttons and areas with unslightly pilling. A little bit of allover pilling is natural, but high friction areas (like where your arms rub against the sides of your sweater) might look a little worse for wear.

✔️ Spruce up pieces with a brush, sweater stone or fabric shaver

Once you've identified the pieces that need a little TLC, head to your garment care kit and select the tools that best serve your needs.

Use a brush to remove surface debris from sturdier fabrics, like denim. A sweater stone makes it easy to remove pilling from sections of your sweaters, like under the arms. You can also use a fabric shaver on your sweaters.

Fabric shavers also shine when it comes to cleaning up the surface of beanies, blankets, scarves and socks.

One sock covered in pilling and its pill-free pair underneath a fabric shaver

Pictured here is the Pilo 2 fabric shaver in the newest color sage.

✔️ Sew buttons back on, reweave wool snags and mend holes

All sewing kits should come with the basics you need to do light mending, whether you buy your kit online, in a hobby shop or in an airport terminal! The one we carry comes with a mending guide for novices (just scan the QR code on the kit).

Sewing buttons back on and mending holes helps pieces stay in the rotation longer. Don't worry about not being able to mend perfectly—aside from invisible mending there's also a thing called visible mending, which we are obsessed with!

✔️ Wash items before you use them

Don't forget to hand wash or machine wash your clothing, accessories and blankets before snuggling into them! It's a good idea for summer clothes to be washed and dried before going into storage too.

Words by Mutia Adisoma
Photo of Celsious founders by Apiece Apart
Photo of fabric shaving by Steamery

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