For a limited time only: Celsious hand soap

A block of yellow soap stamped with CELSIOUS photographed on vibrant orange with soft looking soap suds

We released a signature hand soap in collaboration with Oil+Water Skincare, just in time for summer 2021! After months of testing scent combinations, deciding on colors and working on packaging, we're thrilled to have this as a limited-edition summer offering. We hope you'll love the gentle and hydrating formula and the relaxing scent of sweet orange, black pepper and ylang-ylang. It's like your very own spa day, every day!

On Instagram we shared a Q&A with the Founder of Oil+Water Skincare, Erika Martins. Below you'll find the extended version, which gives you a behind-the-scenes look at our ingredients and process. Read on to learn more!

🟨 What are the benefits of cold process soap?

Erika Martins: Cold process soap can be made entirely with natural, plant-based ingredients. It doesn't contain any synthetic detergents (syndets for short), which can strip your skin of its natural oils. All true soaps (as opposed to syndets) are made by reacting oils and fats with lye in a process called saponification. The lye is neutralized in the process, leaving only the saponified oils and glycerin, a natural humectant that's great for your skin.

🟨 Tell us about these gorgeous Celsious colors!

These gorgeous shades of golden yellow and orange were created by infusing organic olive oil with organic, fair trade annatto seeds. The seeds turn the oil a deep orange to red color, which translates into these bright, sunny hues in the finished soap.

🟨 How did you source the ingredients?

We work with trusted suppliers who show a strong commitment to environmental and social responsibility. We buy organically produced or wild harvested materials to help curb the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, provide safer end products, and support smaller organic farms. We also buy fair trade raw materials whenever available for verified social responsibility in the supply chain. And finally, we use raw, unfiltered oils that are cold or expeller pressed, avoiding the use of extraction chemicals that are harmful to workers and end users.

🟨 Does your work in architecture influence your skincare business (and vice versa)?

I am drawn to clean lines and elegantly simple designs, both in the architecture and product worlds. That being said, I love adding depth and substance through natural texture. This is something you can do with building materials and skincare ingredients alike. It's no coincidence that our original Sea Clay Soap looks quite a bit like raw concrete!

🟨 Did you enjoy this collab as much as we did?!

It has been so wonderful to work with the Celsious team on this special collaboration! Everyone brought such great ideas to the table. It's great fun to see how the end result truly captures the bright, bold spirit of Celsious and the lovely personalities that make this neighborhood gem what it is!

A stack of two-tone yellow and orange soaps displayed with a blood orange backdrop

Written by Mutia Adisoma
Photos by Chiori Takamatsu-Schettini and Theresa Williams

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