Spring wardrobe refresh (without the waste)

Spring wardrobe refresh (without the waste)

It's Earth Day! Celebrate Earth Day the Celsious way with a closet refresh. Since we're in the business of care, "out with the old, in with the new" is not our approach. We like to make things last, and we've set out to reduce the staggering amount of textiles tossed out in the United States each year (16 million tons! 😱).

Here's how to whip your wardrobe back into fighting shape without creating any waste:

1️⃣ Spruce up your pieces

Sometimes all a garment needs is a little brushing, a fabric shave or some de-pilling with a sweater stone to look as good as new!

2️⃣ Tackle some light mending projects

Sew buttons back on, reweave wool snags or get creative with visible mending to bring pieces back into the rotation. The Endery offers mending kits and has great inspo on Instagram. 🧵

3️⃣ Show your sneakers some love

Clean your kicks with the care guide in our IG Reels that we put together for our friends in sustainability, plant-based running lifestyle brand Zen Running Club.

4️⃣ Stock up on stain-fighting essentials

Blasting stains, brightening greying whites or boosting colors can take your well worn pieces from drab to fab. We have everything you need for this in our online shop.

5️⃣ Dye over/around any stains

If a stain has set, you can still salvage the garment with a fun botanical tie-dye. We recommend Cara Marie Piazza's workshops and online classes for natural dyeing.

6️⃣ Get those wrinkles out

Steam or press your linens, silks, etc. so that they're ready to wear and you won't have to pass them up when in a hurry or give them away from lack of use. We love Steamery products for this. Find their iron steamer—and other great products—here! 💨

Words by Corinna Williams and Mutia Adisoma
Photo by Gerald Riedler

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