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How to wash stuffed animals

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How to wash stuffed animals

Just like your clothes and bedding, your furry friends need to be routinely washed, too! 💦 Here are some things to remember when washing stuffed toys:

Choose the delicate cycle or the most gentle cycle on your washer—here at Celsious, it's our wool wash cycle—and tumble dry on a low heat setting. Stuffing that doesn't fully dry could lead to unwanted musty smells, so run your dryer on low for as long as necessary.

Take note of materials: If a toy is made of wool, it should be washed accordingly (by hand or on a specialty wool cycle with wool detergent). In some cases, using a dryer could lead to stuffing clumping, so whenever possible, check with the makers of your stuffed toys for specific care guides.

If your toys are handmade or hand-me-downs and you don't know who the makers are, be as gentle as possible when washing. Avoid agitation and wringing.

An adorable group of stuffed animals assembled in a laundry cart in front of an open washer

Lastly, please don't put off the task! As much as you and your loved ones like to snuggle your furry friends, you're probably also traveling with them, tossing them, dropping them, handling them with grubby hands... the list goes on. A wash can't hurt, can it? 🙃

Pictured: Hazel Village and 
Cuddle and Kind stuffed animals

Photos by Mutia Adisoma