How to fold boxer briefs the Celsious way

An open drawer of neatly folded clothes

Some weeks, just managing to have clean laundry—without folding—can feel like a feat in and of itself. That said, there's something really satisfying about pulling open a drawer and seeing rows upon rows of neat little rectangles, right?

We love this sight so much that when we do have the time, we like to fold our personal laundry the Celsious way (as in, the way we fold for our Wash-Dry-Fold customers in NYC).

We hope you'll give our folding methods a try, especially if you like the satisfaction of a tidy drawer! Today we're sharing our favorite way to fold boxer briefs.

If you're too busy to try right now, feel free to bookmark this blog post for a rainy day. If you live in NYC, you also have the option to do pickup & delivery and have our team do the folding for you! 😉

Here's how we fold boxer briefs at Celsious:

A gif of terracotta colored boxer briefs folding into a neat rectangle


1️⃣ Lay the boxer briefs on a flat surface.
2️⃣ Pull each bottom corner up towards the elastic band, to form an upside-down triangle.
3️⃣ Fold the top section (with elastic) down, but not all the way to the bottom edge.
4️⃣ Tuck the remaining fabric up into the top section, to form a neat rectangle.
5️⃣ Stack away!

Alternatively, you can stand up the folded rectangles (elastic at the bottom) and file them in a neat row, like in the photo up top.

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Words and photo by Mutia Adisoma
Gif by Gerald Reidler
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