How to clean a weighted blanket

The founders of Celsious and Bearaby chat at Celsious laundromat in Brooklyn, NY.

As hands-on owners and operators, Theresa and Corinna enjoy using weighted blankets to unwind after busy days at Celsious. Their favorite brand is Bearaby, which also happens to be Brooklyn-based, so they invited Bearaby's founder Kathrin to come over and chat about how to best care for weighted blankets.

Bearaby blankets are made of hand-knit organic cotton loops (no fillers) and are machine washable. If you have a Bearaby or a similar weighted blanket, you can follow the care tips below.

We have a video of their conversation—scroll down to the end of this post for the link. And below, find our five steps for cleaning weighted blankets:

💛 Step 1: Pre-treat stains

Use a colorless soap bar to spot treat before putting your weighted blanket in the washer. Pre-treating is the best way tohelp stains come out in the wash, especially if you're choosing a gentle, less vigorous wash cycle.

💛 Step 2: Select a cold, delicate cycle

Choose cold water and a reduced spin cycle to keep loops intact and prevent them from stretching out. On your washer this might be the delicate or permanent press cycle. Depending on the weight of your blanket, you may want to visit your local laundromat to wash in a larger machine. Commercial washers often have additional specialty settings, so make sure to ask the staff for their recommendations.

💛 Step 3: Add gentle detergent

Steer clear of conventional detergents that have optical brighteners, bleach or fabric softener, which can damage your weighted blanket's fibers. Choose a biodegradable detergent, like our Corewash, and dose as instructed on the label. Do not overdose—overdosing will not give you a better clean!

A yellow Bearaby weighted blanket with Celsious laundry products

💛 Step 4: Dry on low heat

Lower temps are gentler on fibers. Preserving the fibers will ensure your blanket stays in good condition for much longer. Make sure your blanket dries completely (you may need to run the cycle twice).

💛 Step 5: Clean regularly

At the very least, you should clean your weighted blanket quarterly. An easy way to remember is by washing it with the changing of each season! If you use your weighted blanket directly on your body (without a flat sheet), you may want to wash your weighted blanket more frequently.

Tap here to watch the full video on YouTube!

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