Alex Mill x Dress for Success

Alex Mill x Dress for Success

We have exciting news from our friends over at Alex Mill: 100% of net proceeds from jumpsuit sales between Oct. 3-9, 2022 will be donated to the not-for-profit organization Dress for Success! This is a win-win situation; not only do you get your hands on a great jumpsuit (sure to become a closet staple) but a wonderful organization also benefits from your purchase. 🎉

You may have noticed that our team often wears Alex Mill jumpsuits at work, as seen here in our Instagram feed & reels. We love how functional they are while still looking cool.

Get yourself a one-and-done jumpsuit and help Dress for Success empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and tools to thrive in work and life. You won't regret it!

Additionally, we wanted to share a brief interview that the Alex Mill team did with Corinna and Theresa last year about how jumpsuits play a role in their line of work. They stocked our Wunderbar over the holidays, so you'll see a bit about our stain stick in the interview as well. Hope you enjoy!

👖 Alex Mill: Introduce yourselves to us!

Theresa & Corinna Williams: We’re the co-founders of Celsious, a premium eco-friendly garment care provider in Brooklyn, NY. We also happen to be sisters and we both love a good jumpsuit!

👖 Tell us about the inspiration behind Celsious.

After moving here from Europe and having to face the reality of doing laundry outside of our homes, we felt laundry day deserved an upgrade. Not only did we want to show our customers a way to care for their garments that was friendlier to people and planet, but we wanted them to enjoy themselves in the process.

That’s why we set out to build the exact opposite of the traditional NYC laundromat: a clean, bright, open, welcoming and comfortable space that people really wanted to spend time in.

👖 We call our jumpsuit the "15 second outfit" because it allows you to wake up, get dressed and get back to doing what you love. Can you share a bit about why you wear jumpsuits? How do they help you do what you do?

We actually started wearing jumpsuits for practical reasons at the beginning of the pandemic. Nobody knew much about the virus back then, but we were providing essential services and we wanted to keep our team safe. One of the ways we could do that would be by making sure the body was covered.

Jumpsuits allow our laundry team to suit up quickly, changing from “outside clothes” into a uniform that is protective and comfortable. An unexpected perk: you always look cool in a jumpsuit, even when you’re not trying! Our team gets tons of compliments from customers on the jumpsuits they wear.

👖 What do you love to do with the time you save getting dressed?

Running a business, we typically have a laundry list (pun intended!) of things we need to think about and take care of every day. In our eyes, what to wear shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why we appreciate the ease of a one piece: it allows us to slip on, zip up and hit the ground running doing what we love to do: laundry!

👖 What do you love about our jumpsuits?

We love the quality, the design, and the fact that they’re season-less and produced in small batches, which means less waste!

👖 What does a typical day look like for you?

We can’t say there’s a “typical” day for us, haha… Every day is different, and how it unfolds depends on a number of factors: How many people decide they need their laundry done? Is all the equipment running? Does our retail inventory require restocking? Are there holiday promos we need to announce? Bills to be paid? Oh, the joys of being small business owners!

👖 Tell us about your stain stick and why it makes the perfect gift.

Our Wunderbar makes the perfect gift because everybody gets stains! Our soap stick is made of all-natural ingredients, so it doesn’t ruin fabrics. It’s little but it packs a punch!

It works on everything from oily food to grass to bike grease, and everything in between. Just rub the bar into your wet stain to pre-treat, then wash as normal with the rest of your load. All signs of clumsiness will be gone in no time. ;-)

Photo by Gerald Riedler
Jumpsuits by Alex Mill
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