We shared laundry tips with Drew Barrymore!

We shared laundry tips with Drew Barrymore!

Corinna and Theresa Williams, our fearless co-founders, were invited on The Drew Barrymore Show earlier this month to share sustainable laundry tips! They had a blast filming their segment in front of a live studio audience. The episode aired on CBS on November 8, followed by Paramount+. You can watch the segment on the show's website.

Scroll on for behind-the-scenes snapshots from the taping, fun facts, and links to the DIY recipes that we shared on the show!

💛 Fun fact #1: Drew loves eco hacks

Drew regularly shares hacks for the home, and she especially loves when they're eco-friendly! Theresa and Corinna demonstrated three of our favorite laundry DIY recipes for Drew and her audience: linen spray, fabric softener and laundry powder.

A staff member preparing the set for Celsious' segment on The Drew Barrymore Show

Everything you need for our recipes is non-toxic, biodegradable and money saving. As a bonus, you might already have everything you need in your pantry! Take a look at our previous blog post for the ingredient lists and recipes.

💛 Fun fact #2: Drew does not love dryer balls 😂

She and Pete Buttigieg actually bonded over a dislike for dryer balls. While we don't share their sentiment (we love a good dryer ball set!), we were happy to provide an alternative: distilled white vinegar. It's a natural way to soften loads without liquid softener or dryer balls.

💛 Fun fact #3: Drew's show tapes in New York

This made it pretty convenient for the ladies to get to and from the studio! It was actually the first in-person TV segment that Corinna and Theresa have appeared on since the start of the pandemic.

A sign with Corinna and Theresa's names on the door to the greenroom at The Drew Barrymore Show

💛 Fun fact #4: Drew's greenroom was a vibe

We loved the vibrant colors, playful wallpaper and neon sign reminding everyone to "breathe." It was a clever way to help guests calm their nerves before going out in front of the audience!

💛 Fun fact #5: Everyone had a sunny demeanor

Not only was Drew Barrymore a delight, but the crew was also incredibly warm and welcoming. Fingers crossed we get the opportunity to work with the team again soon! 🤞🏾

Corinna Williams grins and hugs Drew Barrymore as Theresa Williams looks on with a smile

Watch our first segment on The Drew Barrymore Show here.

What kind of laundry advice would you like us to share next? Let us know on social or via email!

Words by Mutia Adisoma
Behind-the-scenes photos by Corinna Williams

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