5 laundry myths debunked

A woman kneels in front of a washing machine to load it with laundry

Today we're debunking some ~scary~ laundry myths! In what way are they scary, you may ask? Well, it's scary how many people believe them to be true! 👻 Below are five myths that we've seen floating around on the Internet, and our take on them.

🟡 We should wash after each wear. Myth?

Yes and no. When it comes to socks and undergarments, you should absolutely wash after each wear. But when it comes to layering pieces, you can exercise discretion.

Outer layers can often be reworn if there are no stains to contend with. Air them out in between wears or use a steamer to freshen up pieces that need it. By washing less often, you can extend the life of your clothing!

🟡 Using more detergent = cleaner clothes. Myth?

It's a myth. Always follow dosing instructions (don't go overboard). Anything in excess of what is instructed will not help. Built up detergent will actually trap odor-causing bacteria in fabric and lead to stubborn stench. Not ideal.

🟡 The hotter the water, the better. Myth?

Yes and no. You may want hot water for sanitizing purposes—to wash your cleaning rags, for example. But hot water can be harsh on fabrics, so it's better to choose a cool or warm water cycle for clothes. Don't forget to check care labels for special instructions from the manufacturer.

🟡 All stains are created equal. Myth?

This is a myth. Different stains require different removal techniques. Is your stain acidic (like coffee or red wine), oily (like salad dressing or cooking oil) or waxy (like lipstick or eyeliner)?

We have a blog post about how to tackle three types of stains using household items. By the way, there is one thing that all stains have in common: the sooner you tend to them, the better your chances of getting them out!

🟡 Laundry equipment is self-cleaning. Myth?

It's a myth! Mold and mildew can cause your equipment (and clothes) to smell. Prevent this by regularly spraying and wiping down dryer and washer drums, and washer gasket, with distilled white vinegar.

Every few months, run your hottest wash cycle with two cups of white vinegar in the detergent tray. Leave doors open after each use.


Let us know if you'd like to see a part 2!

Words by Mutia Adisoma
Photo by Francesca Rao

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