Feel free to call us for more info!

Do you offer pickup & delivery?

Yes! We serve all five New York boroughs. Pickup windows are Monday through Saturday 9am-12pm, 6-8pm and 7-9pm. Return delivery windows are Monday through Saturday 11am-3pm, 6-8pm, 7-9pm, and Sunday 11am-3pm. Please note that at this time we only accept Wash-Dry-Fold orders for pickup. Find info and pricing here and book here.

Do I need to make an appointment to drop off in person?

No appointments necessary. We accept walk-ins throughout the day, Monday through Saturday (we're closed on Sunday). Please check our website for hours. You can also have your laundry picked up and delivered to your doorstep Monday through Saturday (on Sunday we do return deliveries only). Head here to book your pickup.

When dropping off in person, how should I prepare for my visit?

First, choose Wash-Dry-Bag or Wash-Dry-Fold service. For Wash-Dry-Bag, you'll need to sort your laundry at home so that the contents of the entire bag (and the bag) can be washed and dried together on the same settings. Make sure your laundry bag is fully closed when you bring it to us. If you choose our premium Wash-Dry-Fold service, there's no need to pre-sort. Just bring us your load in a closed washable bag.

Why do I have to bring my load in a "closed washable bag"?

We need to be able to wash and dry your bag with the rest of your laundry so that everything returned to you is clean. By "closed" we mean the laundry bag can be sealed with a drawstring, buttons or knotted at the top, to prevent items from falling out before/after the laundry is processed. If you don't have a bag like that, you can place your items in one of our rental bags when you get here ($1) and we'll return your load in a clean plastic bag ($1).

If I rent a bag, do I get to keep it?

No, the rental bag is there to prevent unlaundered items from falling out of your open bag while on site. Once clean, we'll put your laundry in a paper or plastic bag ($1). To avoid plastic waste, we suggest finding a drawstring laundry bag that you can wash and dry (plenty of options online) or purchasing one of ours ($12).

Does the laundry get taken out of the bag?

Yes! We'll unload the contents of your bag into the washer and wash your laundry bag too.

Do you mix loads?

Never. Only one customer at a time per washer and dryer. We also run a one-minute sanitizing wash in between each customer's load.

Can you use my detergent?

In the interest of keeping things streamlined, please don't bring your own detergent. We'll include a complimentary dose of unscented laundry powder. If you prefer a subtle scent, you can select lavender-jasmine laundry powder from our add-on menu ($1).

Can you take out one item and return it to me wet?

We can't. Everything must be fully dry before it is stored for pickup.

Can you hang dry some of my items?

We can't, but here's a solution: Select “No Heat” for the pieces in your Wash-Dry-Fold load that you would like air dried—your laundry will be ready in approximately 48 hours.

Will I get my laundry back today?

Yes, as long as you drop off before our daily cutoff time for same day service. On Saturday and Monday, the cutoff time is 12pm. Tuesday through Friday, the cutoff time is 3pm. For Wash-Dry-Bag, same day turnaround is at no extra charge. For Wash-Dry-Fold, it's an extra dollar per pound for the expedited service ($3.45/lb).

If I pay extra, can I get my laundry back faster?

Let's say you can't make it here before our same day cutoff but need your laundry back ASAP. Give us a call and we'll let you know whether we can fit you in depending on the volume of drop-offs that day. If we confirm it's possible, a $10 rush fee will be applied to your order. We also offer an Express Wash-Dry-Fold service (max. 4 hour turnaround, $5.45/lb). 

How will I know when my laundry is ready?

We'll send you a text message to notify you when your laundry is ready for pickup. Please note that our system cannot text non-US international numbers at this point. 

I have a comforter, pillow or weighted blanket in my load. How much will I be charged?

If your load contains duvets, comforters or pillows, you will be charged by item (comforter - $34, pillow - $22). While your load might not weigh much, those bulky items require more space in the washer and longer drying times (24 hours) for the best washing experience. A weighted blanket will require even longer drying times and is priced at $52 per item.

How do I pay for your services?

You can tap or insert a credit card or debit card via the card reader. We also accept Apple Pay and Google Pay. Cash is okay but you'll need to bring the exact amount when you pick up (we aren't able to make change).

Can I bring dryer sheets?

We don't allow the use of dryer sheets in our space (they're not biodegradable and often laced with toxic ingredients). We do have alternatives: white vinegar and reusable dryer balls. Vinegar removes any buildup in your laundry and will make it feel softer to the touch. Dryer balls, which you may order online or purchase from us in store, can also soften laundry and reduce static.

Do you do drycleaning?

At this point, we do not offer drycleaning services. 

Is the café open?

Unfortunately, our mezzanine café did not survive the pandemic. Our second floor is no longer open to customers. Only members of our team may access this area.

When is self-service coming back?

Many of you miss self-service, and we do too. Over the past two years, we've prioritized the health and safety of our team and our community by continuing with our drop-off only model—a pivot that was a huge lift for our small business. At this time, after operating throughout the pandemic, we unfortunately do not have the resources to switch back. For now, please let us continue to do the legwork for you! We promise to keep you posted on any new developments.

What safety measures have been put in place?

A sanitary workplace is of utmost importance to us. We store unlaundered loads in a separate area from clean loads. We vigilantly disinfect surfaces and knobs, and we sanitize carts, rinse machines and wipe folding tables in between each wash and fold.