Tips for doing laundry for kids

A pair of green baby socks placed on a wash bag for delicates

There's no need to have a separate laundry kit for babies and kids. You can wash everyone’s laundry with the same products if the ingredients are safe!

Pro-tip: Beware of the word “fragrance” on ingredient lists—it's an umbrella term. "Fragrance" is usually composed of a whole slew of ingredients, some of which you might not want near your kids—or even yourself. ☝🏾

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🧻 Potty training? White vinegar is a lifesaver!

There will be accidents aplenty until the kiddos get this potty business down pat. Add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the fabric softener compartment when you run the washer. Vinegar combats odors, including potty odors!

🧦 Always losing baby socks? Try using a delicates bag.

You can dedicate an entire bag to baby socks or you can wash your tiniest socks with the rest of your household's delicates. A large bag will ensure the items have enough room to get clean. Never lose half a pair to the washer again!

🫐 Berry stains? Oxygen booster to the rescue!

Food doesn't always make it into little mouths. It lands on the floor, in highchairs, on sidewalks, and of course, on clothes. If you have juice stains, berry stains, carrot or tomato stains, use an oxygen booster. the stain with water and add a scoop on top. Work it into a paste, leave for 15 minutes, and wash normally. The stains will come right out!

🧸 Need to wash stuffed toys? Follow our guide.

Speaking of things that often land on the floor and sidewalk... stuffed pals can find themselves in the dirtiest of places. Clean them regularly and bookmark this blog post if you need a wash guide.

A large plush toy elephant in a washing machine

🍫 Chocolate stains? Give Wunderbar a try.

After Halloween, it's likely you have a lot of chocolate around the house, around your kid's mouths, on their hands and on their clothes! Pre-treat chocolate stains with Wunderbar before throwing clothes in the washer. Our stain stick also works great on greasy food stains.

To browse our full assortment, tap here. You'll find more kid-friendly and adult-friendly laundry products (they're one and the same at Celsious)!

Words by Mutia Adisoma
Top photo by Gerald Riedler
Elephant photo from the Celsious archives

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