A few money saving laundry tips

A college student wearing a baseball cap shakes out his laundry

Since the fall semester is just around the corner, we're sharing a few more tips for doing laundry on a budget! We hope the college students out there find these tips useful, as well as anyone else who wants to keep their laundry costs low.

1. Calculate the cost per load

If you divide the cost of a detergent by the # of loads per container, you'll find that non-concentrated liquid detergent is often not as economical as other options, like laundry powder. Additionally, liquid easily overflows in measuring cups, which means you may be getting fewer loads per jug than you think.

Regularly overdosing detergent can lead to product buildup and stubborn odor (more on that here). Not to mention, standard liquid detergents contain up to 90% water. Why pay for something that your washer already dispenses?

2. Add a white vinegar rinse

A bit of distilled white vinegar goes a long way, especially if you play sports or work out regularly. Mildly acidic, white vinegar dissolves soap and residue buildup in your laundry, which makes it feel softer. It can also whiten, brighten and reduce odors in your laundry.

A large jug costs under $5 at any grocery store. With each load, pour 1/4 to 1/2 cup of white vinegar into the fabric softener compartment to help blast odors and soften loads naturally.

A hand pours distilled white vinegar into a compartment of a washing machine

3. Opt for reusable dryer balls

A good set of wool dryer balls will last you hundreds of cycles—that's all four years of college if you're a student! Fans of natural scent can add a few drops of essential oil to each dryer ball. You can also use that same oil to make your own linen spray.

Not only is this cost-effective, but this also means that you'll never need to buy single-use dryer sheets or conventional fabric softener, which often contain synthetic fragrances made from harmful ingredients.

Side-by-side comparison of Woolzies wool dryer ball and a competitor's

We carry Woolzies wool dryer balls because they're by far the best quality of all the ones we've seen and used (the picture above speaks for itself!).

If you're doing laundry away from home for the first time, make sure to check out our tips in this blog post.

Text by Mutia Adisoma

First photo shot by Francesca Rao at Celsious
All other photos by Gerald Riedler

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