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Theresa and Corinna Williams laugh while holding fluffy white pillows and a comforter

We recently re-read an email that we received earlier this year from a customer in St. Louis. It really warmed our hearts, so we thought we'd share it here:

Thank you so much for making my journey into eco-friendly laundry so insanely easy. Your products are incredible and may I just say how amazing my laundry room looks now that I have your sleek packaging and dryer balls there instead of all the branded products of before. I’ve told literally all my friends about it and sent the link out to anyone who will listen. Great products and I really love the tips you email out! I’m learning so much.

On a more personal note, I couldn’t be prouder of seeing two amazing black women creating this amazing company. I love showing my daughter and son incredible business owners who look like us. Well done you two! I know your family must be so proud. We are our ancestors’ wildest dreams.

Thank you again,


Thank you Lindsey for taking the time to write this kind note. It's great to hear that our products and emails are resonating. 💛

Positive feedback like Lindsey's has kept us going over the years. Please send us your thoughts and feedback on our garment care selection! We'd also love to see snapshots of our products in your space. Show us how you wash with Celsious!

Photo by Bogdana Ferguson

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