Tips for starting a small business

Corinna and Theresa Williams sit on a yellow bench in the bright entrance of their business; both wear outfits in earthy colors, and a laundry cart with fluffy linens is parked beside them

Happy National Small Business Week! If you're inspired by Corinna and Theresa's journey as business owners but the thought of starting your own business feels overwhelming, you're not alone! The beginning stages can definitely feel daunting, so we're always happy to share tips with anyone who reaches out.

Here are some of the things that the Williams sisters did while building out Celsious, which in hindsight, have been fundamental to their success. Read on if you're considering opening a brick-and-mortar store or have already started down the path to entrepreneurship!

🌟 Four things you should do when starting a small business:

1) Talk to the small business owners in your area to get a sense of the challenges they face in your specific locality. See if they'd be willing to provide neighborly tips!

2) Take some relevant courses from the Small Business Association.

3) Every business needs a good:

• Lawyer
• Accountant
• HR (Human Resources)
• Contractor

Meet with at least three different people in each of those categories until you find the right fit. This will help you so much in the long run!

4) Have patience and fortitude because you'll run into many unexpected scenarios. Every city is different, and we don't know what you'll be up against in your area, but you'll need to trust and believe in yourself and the vision you have for your business.

Best of luck getting your business off the ground! 🌟

P.S. If you're interested in entering the laundry industry, we have some additional tips, which you can find here.

And if you're curious about Theresa and Corinna's thoughts on having an e-commerce store, you can check out the five-part series we did for Shopify's TikTok audience, here.

Tips by Corinna and Theresa Williams
Edited by Mutia Adisoma
Photo by West Elm (location: Celsious)

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