Theresa's homebody picks

A close up of hands knitting a colorful scarf

In this blog post we're sharing a handful of Theresa Williams' favorites from our website and beyond. As a Celsious co-founder, her passion for laundry is a given 😉 but she also loves crafting, perusing vintage furniture, and supporting unique small businesses.

If you're a fan of natural ingredients, upcycled materials, and all things pre-loved, read on for her recs!

Hand Spun Recycled Yarn 🔹 Clarion Call Fiber Arts

"This woman is incredible. She hand spins yarn out of reclaimed sweaters. The quality is amazing, better than many virgin yarns I've used. I knitted this pair of socks with her yarn."

Supersalt Oxygen Booster 🔹 Celsious

"I love Supersalt for so many reasons, one being it's great at odor control. I reach for it (and white vinegar) to freshen up vintage clothing. I also use Supersalt to clean non-aluminum cookware! You can find my tutorial on IG Reels."

Cooking pan before and after cleaning with Supersalt

Basil Lip Balm 🔹 Amberlight Beauty

"I have a very pared back beauty routine and make most of my products from scratch, but one thing I always buy is this hydrating basil lip balm."

Pilling Remover 🔹 Sweater Stone

"I wear a lot of knits and having a sweater stone at home makes it easy to keep them looking great. We also use sweater stones at Celsious, for our laundry services."

Vintage Home Goods 🔹 Portmanteau NYC

"I follow Portmanteau NYC on Instagram religiously! They have a really cool selection of vintage home goods and clothes. I can't wait to add one of their pieces to my home."

👉🏾Theresa's hot take

"Thrift stores, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and donation centers are great resources for pre-loved items and have led me to amazingly cool pieces of furniture and building materials. If more people found joy in reimagining and reusing pre-existing items, we could reduce the amount of waste in the world."

Photos by Theresa Williams

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