The Cirrus 3 is a dream come true

The Cirrus 3 iron steamer stands upright on the floor of a cottage; a white button down is hanging in the background

The Cirrus 3 probably needs no introduction—many of you are already fans! We thought we'd share some videos from our friends in Stockholm about this beautiful iron steamer, including this video, where the CEO of Steamery shares the story behind the dual-function device.

We love the behind-the-scenes footage of their product development process, and we especially loved learning that their main goal in designing the iron steamer was "to find the perfect balance between function and aesthetics—a sculpture that would fit into any modern home but also function as an essential tool, making all your clothes look beautiful."

In our opinion, they hit the nail on the head!

A hand holds the Cirrus 3 iron steamer by Steamery up to a half wrinkled beige button down

You can find some great tips on how to use the device in this video.

Don't forget to wake up the Cirrus 3

Speaking of tips, when you first receive your Cirrus 3, you may hear a clicking sound or notice the device isn't producing any steam. Don't be alarmed! This just means that you need to "wake up" the device to encourage it to fetch water for steaming.

Just follow these easy steps:

  • Fill the water tank, press the power button, and wait 25 seconds while it warms up (until the light stops pulsing).
  • Press the steam button down while slowly pulling out the water tank.
  • Continue pressing the steam button after the tank is out (count to ten) and then reinsert the tank (keep pressing the steam button).
  • Continue pressing the steam button for another 30 seconds, after which you should be good to go!

As you follow the steps, the clicking sound will become a faster clicking sound, and then eventually fade. Once the steps are complete, you'll no longer hear that sound and you'll see a steady flow of steam.

You won't need to do this each time you use the device—just after unboxing, to nudge it out of hibernation. Happy steaming!

Photos courtesy of Steamery

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