How to shop thoughtfully for the holidays

Keke Palmer on a digital billboard in Times Square

Gifting season feels like a real doozy this year! Everywhere we turn, we're urged to shop, and the steep discounts don't make resisting any easier. It's tough out there for conscious consumers!

Here's what you can do to stay focused this holiday season:

📝 Stick to your list

Make a list of the things you want/need for yourself and your loved ones, and stick to it. Do not veer away, no matter how tempting those deals in your periphery might be.

🙅🏾‍♀️ Know your limits

If in-person shopping starts to feel overwhelming due to the crowds and competing discounts, go home. And if your online shopping experience is resulting in way too many tabs open, Internet rabbit holes and decision fatigue, disconnect. It's not worth it!

🔨 Consider making gifts instead

Gifts come in all kinds of forms: you can make something, bake something, grow something, paint something, build something, repair something or even clean something for your loved ones! Creative gifts require time and effort but they show you care.

☝🏾 Decide what matters most

If you can't make what you have in mind, shop thoughtfully. Write down a few attributes that matter to you (e.g. Made in the USA, Queer-owned, Local Pickup available, etc.). Sticking to your attributes will narrow down your options in a sea of seemingly endless options.

Corinna and Theresa Williams wear navy t-shirts and grin at each other

Speaking of attributes, Google highlighted Black-owned businesses on Black Friday, and we were grateful to be included! Their 2023 Black-owned Friday campaign is here or you can watch it in our Instagram Reels (starring Keke Palmer 😍).

If 'Black-owned' is one of your top shopping attributes, have a look at the products and services in the music video and use Google's tools to find even more businesses near you. 🖤

Words by Mutia Adisoma
Photos courtesy of Google

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