Don't get fazed by greasy sauce stains

A woman is surprised to see red sauce stains on her white sweatshirt

Call us cliché, but our New York-based team really loves pizza. The only downside to pizza is finding traces of it on your clothes! That's why today, on National Pizza Day, we're sharing stain treatment tips so that you'll never be fazed by red sauce stains again.

If greasy sauce gets on your clothes...

🍕 First off, don't panic! Tackle the tannin-based part of the stain by dousing red spots with distilled white vinegar (yes, the kind you keep in your pantry). Rinse with water and repeat as needed.

🍕 If a stain is stubborn, take some color-safe oxygen booster (ours is called Supersalt) and make it into a paste by adding a little water. Cover the spot with a light layer of paste and let it sit for 15 minutes. Rinse.

🍕 If the stain looks oily, rub a colorless oil-based bar soap into the stain (we sell an $8 soap stick called Wunderbar if you need one—it really comes in handy!).

🍕 Machine wash normally after pre-treating stains. Heat will set stains so make sure they're gone before using a dryer (if you're unsure, lay your clothes flat to air dry). Do another round of stain treatment if necessary. A little elbow grease never hurt anybody!

🍕 And last but not least, share this blog post with the pizza lovers in your life!

Psst... On Instagram we posted some of our team's favorite places to grab a slice (or entire pie) after work. Most of these are in NYC but we also included a spot upstate. Bookmark them for your next outing or trip to the Big Apple! 😉

Photos by Gerald Riedler and Mutia Adisoma
Slice by Scarr's Pizza

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