How to fold crew socks the Celsious way

A drawer pulled open to show neat rows of expertly folded tie-dye socks, t-shirts and sweaters

We have a specific way we like to fold crew socks, which keeps pairs together without stretching them out. We've found that some other methods—in particular the ones that recommend wrapping one sock completely over the other—don't preserve the sock shape as well in the long run. Not to mention, our end result is satisfyingly stackable!

Here's how we fold crew socks at Celsious:

Four photos make a step-by-step guide on how to fold crew socks into a neatly contained rectangle


1️⃣ Lay socks flat so that the heels point up towards the ceiling.
2️⃣ Fold the heel fabric down on both socks, in opposite directions (top-left photo).
3️⃣ Lay one sock on top of the other, with heels facing each other (top-right photo).
4️⃣ Fold socks into thirds (bottom-left photo).
5️⃣ Tuck the toe ends into the top sock, so that they're laying flat inside (bottom-right photo). They should fit perfectly like puzzle pieces.

Easy peasy! 🧦

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Photos by Theresa Williams and Chiori Takamatsu-Schettini

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