5 years, 5 revelations

Five single socks missing their mates

November always feels extra special for us because it's our anniversary!🥳 We've seen a LOT of laundry come through our doors in Brooklyn over the past five years, so we thought it would be fun to share five laundry revelations with you here. Some of these things shocked us, others delighted us. Find them below, along with a special discount to celebrate our milestone!

1️⃣ Bedding inserts are washed quarterly

A six-month unwashed duvet can contain up to 20,000 live dust mites, dead skin cells and fungus. Don't forget to clean your duvet inserts, comforters and pillows every three months! The easiest way to remember: Wash with the changing of the seasons. Even if you have a washer at home, it might be better to use the commercial equipment at your local laundromat (larger machines = ample room for your bedding to get clean).

2️⃣ Socks really do have a disappearing act

Washers spin at high speeds, so socks can get stuck on the side of the drum and dislodge in the next load. Socks can also slip behind the drum or slip out through holes in the gasket. Prevent this by not overloading your washer. Don't forget to check the drum after each wash and clean your gasket and drain pump filter regularly!

3️⃣ Sunscreen can cause rust colored stains

Rust colored stains on fabric caused by sunblock

These mysterious stains baffled us until we learned that the culprit was an ingredient in sunblock called Avobenzone. It reacts with iron in water, causing orange and yellow stains to appear. The best ways to avoid this are by choosing products without Avobenzone, allowing lotion and sunscreen to fully dry before putting on clothes, and rinsing off in the shower before getting in bed.

4️⃣ Cleaning ingredients aren't always disclosed (and we're here to change that!)

Did you know that detergent manufacturers aren't required by US federal law to disclose their ingredients? The lists you see on packaging are often incomplete. It should be easy to access full ingredient lists, so we're leading by example and doing so for every product in our in-house line.

Two white cans of Celsious laundry powder and oxygen brightener with blue and seafoam green labels, one stain stick pouch with a yellow label that looks like it's flying behind the cans

5️⃣ A good shave really does wonders

One of the best things you can do for your wardrobe is invest in the right tools. We can't tell you the number of times a customer expressed their amazement because we brought their clothes back to life. The trick? A careful process of brushing, de-pilling and fabric shaving.

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Photos by Gerald Riedler

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