Corinna's kid-friendly picks

Three jars of Runako body butter with eucalyptus branches

Today we're sharing a handful of Corinna Williams' kid-friendly favorites from our website and beyond! Corinna is not only the co-founder of Celsious but also the proud mom of an adorable toddler named Lila.

Corinna's a fan of Montessori education, organic cotton clothing and non-toxic products (among other things). If you're anything like her, or know a parent who is, read on for her recs!

Mini Standard Jumpsuit ❇️ Alex Mill

"You'll often find me in Alex Mill jumpsuits—I have a few in rotation. When they came out with mini jumpsuits, I knew I needed one for my mini. Lila sports the pink one!"

Corewash Laundry Powder ❇️ Celsious

"We often get asked if our laundry powder is kid-safe and the answer is YES! Pictured here is the first load I washed ahead of Lila's birth. I use Corewash, Supersalt and Wunderbar to keep our organic cotton clothes and toys clean."

A basket full of white and tan baby clothes and a stuffed rabbit

Unscented Gentle Baby Oats Cube ❇️ Terra-tory

"Our entire family, including Lila's Oma (grandma) are huge fans of Terra-tory soap. Their cube made with ground oatmeal is perfect for Lila. It's gentle on her skin."

Pikler Triangle ❇️ Piccalio

"Once she got a little older, my daughter got more into her Pikler Triangle, especially after we added the slide ramp!"

Organic Body Butter ❇️ Runako & Co

"This is another family favorite. You can't go wrong with Runako & Co body butter. It's so nourishing. 'Bare' has no essential oils so the scent is very light, like cocoa butter."

👉🏾 Corinna's hot take

"There are a lot of products marketed as baby-safe but if you take a closer look, you'll find this isn't the case. Keep an eye out for synthetic fragrances laced with toxic ingredients. Instead, choose products with ingredient lists you can understand. If you're unsure, you can always check the EWG score or reach out to each brand directly for clarity."

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Top photo courtesy of Runako & Co

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