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Suji Ceramics

Ceramic Corewash Scoop

Ceramic Corewash Scoop

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Introducing the cutest little ceramic scoop to help you dispense your laundry powder in style! Each scoop is handmade with love by Suji Ceramics, an AAPI woman-owned business making the most darling ceramic pieces in Brooklyn and beyond. One heaping scoop is the perfect amount of Corewash for a regular load of laundry.


Porcelain with food safe glaze


• Length: 3"
• Diameter: 1.5"
• Depth: 0.75"


  • This scoop is just shy of 1/2 Tbsp. Do one heaping scoop of Corewash for regular loads and double the dosage for extra dirty loads.
  • Store scoop inside the laundry powder canister. If storing elsewhere, keep away from hard surfaces.

Pro Tips

To avoid chipping, handle ceramic with care.

Optional: tie a ribbon or string through the tiny hole at the end of the handle.

If you prefer to use the stainless steel scoop that comes in each Corewash canister for laundry, you can use this ceramic scoop for sugar, salt, chia seeds and other food items.

To learn more about our custom ceramics, read our Q&A with Suji.


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