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Tangent GC

Kiyomi Organic Liquid Detergent


This everyday detergent – with Japanese kiyomi citrus perfume – is a wonderful universal liquid detergent for your everyday needs. It contains natural enzymes and highly effective surfactants derived from plants. Organic and vegan. Cruelty and fossil free.


>30% aqua, 15-30% nonionic surfactant, <1% anionic surfactant, complexing agent, subtilisin, amylase A-, pectate lyase, perfume (D-limonene, linalool), phenoxyethanol


1000 ml, 33.8 fl oz


  • Hand wash: Use 15 ml per 5 liters of water
    Enough for 66 hand washes
  • Machine wash: Use 30 ml per 4.5 kg load (about 10 lbs)
    Enough for 33 machine washes

Pro Tip

Can't get enough of this unique citrus scent? Try Kiyomi Organic Fabric Softener – unlike conventional fabric softeners, this one is made without harmful ingredients.