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When is self service coming back?

We know that many of you miss self-service (trust us, we do too), but we believe it's best to not rush back to the way things were just yet. We're choosing to limit services to drop-off only for as long as social distancing is recommended, because we feel strongly about not putting our employees and community at risk.

We really do look forward to the day we can welcome people back into our space. Until then, we’ll do the legwork so that you can focus on telecommuting, homeschooling or online learning (among other challenges!). We promise to provide caring and hygienic laundry services, as we've always done.

What kind of additional safety measures have been put in place?

We've worked hard to create a new workflow and careful in-store processes. We store unlaundered loads in sealed bags on a different floor than our clean loads. We vigilantly disinfect surfaces and knobs, and we sanitize carts and machines in between each wash. Our team is covered and protected (masks, gloves and coveralls), with additional gear for processing (goggles and respirators).

Why do I have to bring my load in a "closed washable bag"?

We ask that you bring your laundry in a bag that can be washed and dried with your load, so that everything we return to you is clean. By "closed" we mean the bag can be sealed (has drawstring, buttons or can be knotted at the top) to decrease the chance of any unlaundered items spilling out. If you don't have anything like that, you can place your bag in one of our rental bags ($1) or bring your laundry in a trash bag (bring an extra one for your clean load).

When you process my drop-off, does the laundry get taken out of the bag?

Yes! We will unload the contents of your bag into the washer, and add the bag to the drum. If you use one of our rental bags to cover your bag (because you brought your laundry in an open bag), we will wash that with your load as well. As always, we never mix loads – only one customer per washer.

Can you take a few items out of my bag and hang dry them?

Unfortunately, we can’t. If you have pieces that you don't want heat dried, one alternative is to select “No Heat” for your entire Wash-Dry-Bag load – this would fall under next-day service due to the amount of time required to dry on this setting. Another option is to go for our premium Wash-Dry-Fold service, where sorting, stain treating, add-ons/boosters and special wash and dry instructions are included in the service.

Can you use my detergent?

In the interest of keeping things streamlined, we ask that you do not bring your own detergent. We'll include a dose of our unscented laundry powder (it's complimentary!). If you prefer a subtle scent, you can select Liquid Lavender detergent from our add-on menu ($1).

Can you use dryer sheets?

Celsious is a dryer sheet-free zone. While we do not allow single-use dryer sheets to be used in our space, we do have an alternative: reusable dryer balls. These will help reduce static, but will not provide any additional scent. Dryer balls are on our add-on menu ($1).

Can I get my load back today? I really need it.

If you drop off before the daily cutoff time, we can return your clean load(s) to you before the end of the day. On Saturday and Monday, the cutoff time is 12PM. Tuesday through Friday, the cutoff time is 3PM. For Wash & Bag, same-day turnaround is at no extra charge. For Wash & Fold, it's an extra dollar per pound for the expedited service.