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Open 6 days/week! Drop off & pick up your laundry Tues-Fri (11AM-7PM), Mon & Sat (8AM-4PM). Open 6 days/week! Drop off & pick up your laundry Tues-Fri (11AM-7PM), Mon & Sat (8AM-4PM).
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How To Drop Off & Collect

How to drop off laundry at Celsious

1) Sort your laundry at home.

2) Don't forget to un-bunch socks and undies.

3) Bring your loads in closed washable bags (we'll empty the bag into the drum and wash the bag with your load). If you don't own any, you can rent from us ($1) or use trash bags.

4) Leave your detergent at home (we'll provide it!)

5) Wear a mask and kindly maintain social distance while in line (only one customer at a time). Please wait until a member of Team Clean waves you in to enter.

6) Once inside, weigh your loads on the scale.

7) Leave your wash and dry instructions. Don't forget to mention specific callouts during intake.

8) Leave your contact info (so we can email your invoice to you).

How to collect laundry at Celsious

1) Your invoice will be sent once your laundry is ready.

2) Keep an eye out for an email from Celsious, sent via Square. If it's your first time washing with us, the email might land in Spam, so please check that inbox as well.

3) Pay your invoice online via the link in email.

4) Collect your laundry after paying your invoice. There's no need to enter if the window is open – just give our front desk staff your name and they will meet you at the side door with your clean laundry (bottom of the ramp).

5) If you selected Wash & Bag, fold from the comfort of your home.


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