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J-2000M Steamer

J-2000M Steamer

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We've been using Jiffy's J-2000M steamer at Celsious for years! We're thrilled to now offer the upright steamer in our online shop for our laundry community, near and far.

This steamer is ideal for light commercial use or home use. The three-quart caddy holds enough water for 1.5 hours of continuous steam! The size and shape of the water caddy make it easy to fill up under almost any sink faucet.

Swivel casters allow for convenient transport of the steamer, whether you're moving from room to room (at a boutique, showroom, theater space or other) or going off site (for photo shoots, markets, pop-up events and more).

It takes just 60 seconds for the steamer to heat up and produce steam at a temperature of 212° F (100° C), which is safe and effective for both natural and synthetic materials. As with any steamer, please take extra care when steaming delicate materials.

The J-2000M is made in the USA and available in two colors: beige and pink. For every pink steamer sold Jiffy donates 10% of revenue to the Obion County Cancer Agency, located in their hometown of Union City, Tennessee.


• Voltage: 120V (for use in USA, Canada or Mexico)
• Wattage: 1300W


• Dimensions: 15" x 10" x 64"
• Metal steam head: 6" wide
• Power cord: 7 ft
• Weight: 16 lbs
• Flexible rubber hose: 5.5 ft
• Water capacity: ¾ gallon (2.8 liters)


  • Fill up the water caddy with tap water (holds up to 3 quarts).
  • Make sure the filled water caddy fits flush with the unit.
  • Plug in the device, press the button to turn on and wait 60 seconds for it to heat up and start producing steam.
  • Hang your garment from the metal loop at the top (beneath the perch for the steam head).
  • While steaming, touch the material lightly with the metal steam head. The combination of the steam and metal steam head will create a smooth finish. 
  • Turn off the steamer and unplug when finished.

Pro Tips

Do not touch delicate materials like velvet or silk directly with the hot metal steam head.

You'll find that some garments steam better from the underside. This allows the steam to relax the fibers of the material, thus removing any wrinkles.

Regular maintenance of this steamer (every 6 months) will help it continue to perform optimally. To clean, unplug the steamer from the wall outlet and remove the hose attachment. If the hose attachment is blocked by sediment buildup, flush with a garden hose to loosen and remove the buildup.


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