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Tangent GC

Unscented Liquid Detergent

Unscented Liquid Detergent

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This hypoallergenic liquid detergent contains a blend of natural surfactants derived from plants. The formula is suitable for sensitive skin and great for anyone who finds scented products overpowering (contains no perfume). The bottle is a bioplastic made from sugarcane and can be recycled once empty.


>30% Aqua, 15-30% Nonionic Surfactant, <1% Anionic Surfactant, Complexing Agent, Phenoxyethanol


1000 ml, 33.8 fl oz


  • Hand wash: Use 15 ml per 5 liters of water
    One bottle = Enough for 66 hand washes
  • Machine wash: Use 30 ml per 4.5 kg load (10 lbs)
    One bottle = Enough for 33 machine washes

Pro Tips

If you find yourself allergic to most laundry products, aside from using hypoallergenic and unscented detergent, we recommend replacing liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets (often laced with toxic ingredients) with natural wool dryer balls.


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