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Cirrus 2 Steamer


We love the minimalist design of the Cirrus 2! Keep your clothes smooth and crease-free with this premium handheld steamer. It only releases steam when you press the button, so no steam gets wasted while you're adjusting a garment or switching to a new garment. The Cirrus 2 can also be used on curtains, bed linens and other textiles. Available in blush pink, black and grey.

Voltage & Frequency

110V-120V, 60Hz



Dimensions & Specs

  • Length: 11"
  • Width (at widest part): 6" across
  • Cord length: 97"
  • Weight (with drawstring bag): Approx. 2 lbs


  • Pull down on the back of the handle to take the water tank out.
  • Fill the tank to the top (holds 90 ml, enough for an 8-minute steady flow of steam), then push the stopper back in.
  • Make sure the stopper is secure (not crooked) before gently pushing the compartment back up and into the handle.
  • Allow 25 seconds to heat up (light will turn green when ready).
  • Push button with thumb to release steam and move the steamer with a steady up and down motion. Keep the steamer upright, as pictured.
  • Refill the tank as necessary. Once the tank is empty and you are done steaming, store the steamer in the drawstring bag (included).

Pro Tips

If you have trouble filling the water tank, it helps to pull the stopper up and to the side to create more space for the water stream to enter. Turn your faucet down low to create a smaller stream of water.

Make sure the stopper is secure (not crooked) after filling the tank with water. Replacing the stopper incorrectly could lead to leakage. Your steamer should not leak during the steaming process!

Keep steamer in an upright position while in use.

The drawstring bag doubles as a steaming glove. Place the "gloved" hand (the hand not holding the steamer) behind the garment to create a flat surface behind a hanging garment.

We recommend this steamer for at-home use because it might be slightly too large/heavy for someone who travels light. That said, if you have ample space in your check-in luggage or car, there's no reason why you couldn't take this on your travels!


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