the gentlest way to care

We’re excited to show you the gentlest way to care for your clothing, extending the life cycle of your favorite garments – for ever ever…

Benefit from the Celsious care specialists’ expert knowledge of how to battle the toughest stains whilst pampering the fibers and yarns of your most cherished textiles.
Think medi-spa for your laundry.


Our highest quality, most energy-efficient self-service wash and dry. Don’t worry, you won’t be hanging out forever (although you may want to): Our machines are pretty powerful. You can be in and out, washed and dried, as quickly as you can catch up with friends over a cup of organic coffee.

c/o Celsious

Our signature garment care featuring expert stain removal and thoughtful folding.
And: single loads ONLY! No mixing your undies with someone else’s gym socks (you know that’s what happens with that app you’ve been using) – promise! Trust us with your dirty laundry, grab a coffee and go about your day until we message you to pick up your clean clothes.

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