a new and eco-friendly approach

Modern, sustainable and luxurious: Celsious offers a fresh and new way to “come clean” in a beautifully designed environment.

Celsious was founded by Theresa and Corinna Williams. The sisters were born and raised in Germany. 

Debating whether to become a surgeon or a designer, Theresa went on to study Product Design at Central St. Martin’s in London to work as an eyewear designer, while Corinna – who holds a BA in International Relations – pursued a career in journalism, working as a fashion editor at the German editions of Elle and Harper’s Bazaar Germany in both Munich and New York.

Their professional expertise in fashion and design, their love of the environment, and their obsession with all things clean compelled them to open the most energy efficient – and certainly the chicest – laundromat in New York. With the hands-on education and support of laundry visionary Lisa White of Absolute Laundry Systems, who has dedicated her professional career to pioneering a new breed of concept laundromat, they were able to bring their vision to life.

We also partnered with The Simply Co. to offer a unique three-ingredient detergent. 

With each cycle, Celsious will provide customers with complimentary detergent by The Simply Co. Founded by Lauren Singer, who leads a zero-waste lifestyle. The Simply Co.’s powdered detergent is manufactured in the USA and features only three ingredients – baking soda, washing soda and organic vegan castile soap. Customers will initially be able to choose between a fragrance-free version or one scented lightly with organic lavender essential oil.

Celsious will also offer other detergent options by Tangent Garment Care, Common Good, Meliora and German organic cleaning specialist Sonett.

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